Myra, Hello Kitty


Bunny, my Moon, is updating from my new crib! 




Check out the awesome vw buggy standing in the yard of my neighbour's! 

Dinah, Latte, Amandine


Still alive! 

Haven't bought a doll in a year, but as soon as I get extra money I will...
Poor girls! I've moved to my own appartment about 5 months ago and half of my dollies are still at my parent's place. I'm moving again in two weeks and I'm planning on taking all my dolls with me! Yey! :) 

Cornice, Claire

Merry Christmas!

 I'm feeling so christmassy this year, I don't know why! I've had no feeling for christmas whatsoever for the past 4 years maybe, I've realized it's coming like a week beforehand and gone through all that horrible "I got no gifts!!!" -panic! 

And now I'm enjoying all the lovely christmas decorations, and it's not even December yet! 

Okay, so, my collecting has been off for almost a year, I've simply had NO MONEY to buy anything dolly.
Next year I'll get a better salary, so I'll defiantely buy a few dolls from my wantlist. I need it! 
I have my own place now and I've only brought one doll. She's really confused about where she is and where all her friends are. Poor Lilja. :/ 

My favourite G3 pony did also move with me. All the other 300 ponies do not fit into my appartment, I have to get a bigger one to fit them in! := 

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Myra, Hello Kitty


I finally managed to change some wigs and some eye-chips! 

I need an eyemech, because I destroyed MM's, and I can't get the eyes back :( Sigh.
But anyways, I have some new dollies! 
....And one piece of Mercu is arriving at my house any day!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
-taken from drafts- Mercu has arrived!!! 

But first.... the changes I've made! This is Eileen, Suigintou, new wig, new chips!

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<3 thanks for looking! 

Myra, Hello Kitty

Soo excited

I bought a few new wigs from angelberries :) 
One white, one blue and one Hello Kitty - wig, because I think she looks best in her real wig, and I destroyed mine, so...

Sooooo excited!!! :)

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My customizing skills...............

 Okay, so I bought 4 new wigs for my dolls. I absolutely want a new wig for my Millie (MM) and for Dinah (Latte).

I had no idea the wigs are so hard to fit! :/ I tried them on and they just won't stick! It seems like the elastic band is too little, the wig keeps slipping off. -sigh-

I also bought 3 pairs of acrylic eyes. BIG MISTAKE.
I bought a new exacto knife to saw the old eye-piece off, but it's freakin' impossible!! I need a saw of some kind, a small one. SHITTT! This is driving me crazy.
I kinda want a new HK-wig. My old one is so frizzy and I want HK to be perfect, I don't want to change anything about her.

Here are some pics.

More behind cut...

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Myra, Hello Kitty

I have to make a wantlist!

My wantlist: (in no order at all)

-Adsiltia (with a different wig)
-Venus (customized... I like her eyes!)
-Lan Ake

A lot of Dals, but I'm so bad at DAL-names. :)

Updating this list every now and then!